About Shuchi'in Academy

Shuchi'in Academy is the name of the school in which the series "Kaguya-Sama: Love is War" takes place. It seemed like a fitting name for a fan site, so I rolled with it. This website was written on Ubuntu Linux in Bluefish Editor. I made it to pay homage to 2 of my favourite things: old school web design, and "Kaguya-Sama: Love is War".


As for information about me, I am not important. I largely avoid social media, minus using things like YouTube on an anonymous account. I also am very much against using Discord, and a fair amount of my digital conversing happens on AIM using a DNS server called Phoenix, which brings back functionality to the program. My AIM name is "Shinomiya" if you ever want to have a short chat, but don't expect me to try and forge a friendship.


Q: I don't remember following this website. What gives?

A: This website was originally NetPreserve, but wasn't very popular and I didn't want to make a new neocities account. I don't blame you if you unfollow.

Q: Why make a fan site in the year 2019+1?

A: This website is my attempt to unify all Kaguya-Sama fan and official material under one hub. Anything linked here is to help people discover and better appreciate one of my favourite ongoing series!

Q: Where do I pick up the manga after finishing season 2? (Will be updated for season 3)

A: The short answer is chapter 102. The long answer is that the anime, like most adapted manga material, left out many chapters of development. I personally went back and read through the first 2 seasons of material and appreciated seeing the things I missed out on in the anime!

Q: Why does this website look so old?

A: I used this fixed width CSS design in order to pay homage to the superior web design of the 2000s- a time where fan sites were much more common.